Monday, March 9, 2009

A Perfect Blend of Friendship!

I have received this "A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award" from Dear Richard, thank you for the award.

Richard started with with blogging, He is the one who pushed me here and I'm thankful because now I have so many friends from other countries.

I have known Richard from work for almost two years now, I really like him because he is a jolly person and I can trust him. He is very kind and caring and thinks about his love ones first before himself. You will not find a better friend that him.

Cecile, Momi She, Rose, Sassy, Grapes, Clarissa, Grace, Leslie, Zey and to all of you...


  1. thanks for the tag, rhea. i also have a tag for you. Have a nice day

  2. Thanks for the thoughts of including me but I already posted them.Thanks for being a friend to me,Rhea!^_^

  3. Hello there,Rhea!!I hope all is well with you and the family!
    Have a nice day!!^_^

  4. Hi Rhea. I have tags for you. It's the purse/bag tag and the 25 Random Things Tag. Please check it out in my blog. Thank you. Have a wonderful day! :D