Monday, March 2, 2009

Easy Recipe: Almost Barbeque

My children loves Chicken and/or Pork BBQ. It is a problem because as a working mom, I can hardly find the time to cook a complicated meal, let alone barbecue (i don't have the patience to kindle the coal). I either end up buying or cooking it during my day off.
One time I tried cooking this recipe and it ended up tasting like BBQ but with out the smokey smell. This is the reason I called it ALMOST BARBECUE. Also, this is much safer because research right now says that carcinogens (cancer-causing) are present at the burnt part of the barbecues meat.

1/2 K - pork chop or chicken
1/4cup - soy sauce
5tbsp - sugar (more depending to your taste, my children likes it sweet)
5tbsp - ketsup
1/4cup - water (add more if meat is not yet tender)
1pc - laurel leaf (bay leaf)
salt and pepper to taste
cooking oil for pan frying
*optional - a dash of Worcestershire sauce

Put the ingredients except oil, together in a pan. Bring to a boil till meat is tender. Again, as always, you can adjust the taste according to your preference by adjusting the salt, sugar, and the other ingredients. When the meat is tender enough and the liquid almost gone, add the cooking oil. Start frying the meat till the liquid thickens into a reddish-brown sauce that sticks to the meat itself. You can get this consistency by continuously turning the meat when the liquid is evaporated. You now have your quick and easy "Almost Barbecue". Enjoy your meal!


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  4. My family also loves bbq!!here,even without the charcoal we can still do a BBQ with the help of gas stove.

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