Friday, February 6, 2009


Today, my life as a blogger starts. I'm so excited about this. Now, I can share my thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences with all of you. I get to share all of your thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences as well. A new world opened up to me. A world where I can get information, learn new things and give back the same things to others. It's fascinating and fun. I get to know other people and other people gets to know me.
How did I get swept to this myriad world of blogging? Well thanks to my very dear friend, Richard, who kept on bugging me to start my own blog spot since he started his own. I was hesitant at first. Why you might ask? First, I don't have my own Internet connection at home. Secondly, I'm in front of the computer at work and that means 5 to 6 days. The way I look at computers before is very different. It's a machine that makes my life crazy, sometimes a living hell. I never want to touch the computer we have at home. Richard off course was already a full-pledged blogger. he would always tell me what he is writing about I would, of course, make comments on it, share my ideas (whether he's asking or not), and provide him information (that's if I have any idea on the topic he is on at that time). If I'm in the mood and I have the time, I check out his blog spot (by the way his blog spot is I liked the things I read on his blog, as well as other blogs, I started thinking, "these people are able to express themselves here". I said to myself, why not? If I start blogging I can also express myself, my ideas, my opinion, my feeling. I can find release.
Now, in my busy, crazy life, I finally found a way to escape. I finally found my sweet escape.
Everything you read here are my own ideas and opinion, if you have any comments, clarifications, or questions, you can send me an email at


  1. Hello Momi Rhea, Thanks for your kind words and hope that you will find passion in blogging...

    Have a nice weekend....Congratulations...

  2. hi, rhea. Thanks for checking out my blog. i am now your follower and welcome to the world of blogging!! Enjoy writing and enjoy your day off too!! Hope you'll have a nice week end. see you at work!!

    momi she

  3. Tnx for visiting my blog guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Hope I could gain lots of friends here.