Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Greatest Treasure

I have 2 wonderful boys, Kyle and Renzo, aged 14 and 9 respectively. They are my pride and joy. I am very blessed to have such wonderful kids. Kyle is a sophomore there and Renzo is in third grade. They are very different from each other, yet, alike in many ways. Just thinking about them brings a smile on my lips. They are typical boys, a bit rowdy at times, loves TV, can play the computer and playstation (psp and ps2) like forever.
Kyle is my eldest. He is almost 14 years old. He looks like his father a lot. He is smart, kind and very sensitive to other people's needs. He has a sweet nature. I remember one time when he was only 5yrs old, a beggar knocked at the window of our car while we stopped at a red light. Kyle was at the back sit. We're on our way home that time and he has several coins in his hand that he will put in his piggy bank. The coins was given to him by his father, we usually give him the loose change so he can put it in his piggy bank. When we reach home I expected him to go running to his piggy bank but he just sat on the sofa looking very sad. I ask him why....he didn't answer at first. Then he asked me if I will get mad because he doesn't have his loose change anymore. He sad that he gave it to the beggar. I was so touched by this and I told him that I'm very proud of him.
Renzo, my 9yr old, is very intelligent and playful. He has a very good memory, so don't promise him anything because he will surely remember. He is also very competitive. He is like Dennis the menace, he can get away with almost anything. When we go to the grocery he usually tags along. He will always be at his father's side. Usually he stays at my side but not during grocery time. I tend to stick to the budget but my husband spoils them. Renzo will keep on to his father's side, being sweet, and all the time putting HIS grocery in the cart. HIS meaning junk foods, candies, fruits, chocolate, biscuits, as in HIS grocery.
They are very different yet the same. What I can truly say is they're both perfect. I thank god for them. They make me want to be a better person everyday. I love them very much and I will do everything in my power to protect them and to keep them happy. They are my greatest and most precious treasure.


  1. Hello Momi Rhea, Nice blog, I have a tag for you, Check my blog...

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  2. Thanks a lot. See you at work. Mwahhhhh!