Sunday, June 21, 2009

Goodbye Chloe

Chloe, my pug and baby, died last Friday 4:00am. Losing her was very painful. She was a part of our family and was considered the youngest and only girl. I am having a hard time accepting she is gone. It was all so sudden. I never expected this to happen but it did.

Last Sunday, June 14 at around 9:00pm, my dearest and beloved pet pug, Chloe, had C-section and delivered a litter of four; one female and three male. This is her second c-section. The first delivery she had was a year and a half ago. She had 4 pups, all male, but two of them died just after birth. This time we were very happy because all the pups were alive and healthy. We were able to take them home after 6 hours. They are all thriving well until that fateful Wednesday night.

June 17, 8:30pm, my Family just had dinner. Chloe was also finishing her meal (we didn't know it will be her last one) when she suddenly ran around and around while whining. My youngest saw something hanging in her abdomen and when he looked closer he shouted for help. Chloe's intestine are hanging out of her belly. We were all in panic. My husband made Chloe lie down on her back and with the help of my eldest son, held her down so she will lie still, to prevent further damage. In the chaos, several things registered in my mind, Chloe's stitches gave out, we have to get her to the Veterinary Clinic, and lastly Chloe could die. I immediately called the Vet and he ordered me to wrap a clean towel around Chloe and bring her to the clinic. We were able to get her there without incident. However, when we arrived there, Chloe seeing the clinic and the doctor started to kick and cry out. What she did caused the tissue connecting the intestines to rupture, There was so much blood. The doctor had to operate immediately even if the anesthetic has not taken effect yet. He was able to close the wound and put back the intestines. When the operation was over I ask him how the stitches came undone, He said it was the first incident he had. I ask him if Chloe is going to be okay. He said "Yes". he said that this is not a critical condition and that Chloe will be alright. She just have to stay overnight under observation. He said we can take her home after a day.

My husband and I went home feeling relieved. We had to get bottles and milk substitute for the pups since Chloe in in the clinic. We had to feed the pups every 2 hours. I called the clinic in the morning to ask how Chloe is doing. I was able to get hold of the other Vet because the one who operated on Chloe was in a seminar. The other vet said that Chloe is okay, that she was able to sit, stand-up and walk around her cage. I kept on calling throughout the day. He kept on saying that my pet is doing okay and that I can bring her home in the evening. At around 11:00pm I called the clinic to again check on her, again the vet said we can take her home. We got to the clinic at around 12:00am and I saw Chloe in her cage sitting-up with an intravenous on her front left leg. The Vet opened her cage ad I called on Chloe but she wouldn't budge. She just kept on staring at me. I was thinking something is wrong at that time. I thought that she's punishing me for leaving her behind. She never liked going to the clinic. That is one reason she started to panic when we brought her in. When she finally came out, with the vet coaxing her, she came straight to me and licked my face. I was very glad, thinking everything is fine with her. The Vet pulled out the I.V. and put her on the floor. She wouldn't walk even if we call on her. She will just stare. I ask the Vet if she really is okay. I told him Chloe is a very eager, energetic dog, even after her both her c-section she would walk slowly when called. The Vet said that she's fine and that she is in a little pain because of the operation. He said that she can nurse her pups already but not to feed her water or food. Trusting the Vet's word, we did take her home.
When she got home she urinated and pooped and went straight to her bed. We made her comfortable and I kissed her goodnight since I was lacking sleep from nursing her pups. She was still very weak from what I recall. My husband did not sleep yet since he had work to do on the computer. He said that Chloe got up once and walked around the room then went and sit on her bed and stared at him. When he went to bed Chloe was sleeping already. He woke up around 4:00 am and he saw that Chloe was almost not breathing, she was dying. He woke me and the kids up and I saw that Chloe's eyes are already dilated, like in a coma, and she inhaled deeply once and when she exhaled I know that is is already her last. We all started crying knowing she already left us.

I was so very sad, hurt, angry and frustrated at the same time. I called the clinic but no one was answering the phone. I don't know who to blame. Do I blame myself for letting her get pregnant? Do I blame the Vet who did c-section on her? Do I blame the other Vet for letting her go home saying she is okay? I don't know if we can take care of her puppies. The vet said that it is very hard to bottle-feed puppies because most of the time the milk goes to there lung and this will cause them to drown. There is a very little chance for the puppies to survive without their mom. So far they are all doing fine with my family's joined effort.

I miss Chloe so much. I miss our walks together, her bark, I miss the way she comes running to me when I come home. I miss holding her, l miss looking at her, embracing her. I missed talking to her while she moves her head to her side at the same time her attention is on me as if she is listening intently to what I am saying. I miss the way she begs for food when I'm eating. I really miss her. I miss her so much it hurts. I wish that things were different.

Chloe was a wonderful companion, a beloved friend, an adorable pet. She will always have a place in our hearts.

Goodbye my dearest Chloe. Thank you for the the happiness you gave us. We will always love you.


  1. Hi Rhea, I understand how you feel, when you get so attached with a pet like Chloe, it is hard to lose them. I am sorry for your loss. Just look on the bright side, she left you four as her replacement.. Cheer up!

  2. Hello Rhea, i am sorry for your loss. It is no ones fault. You did what you could to save her. I had a dog once, i named her poochie. I also took her to a vet. she was given medicine and we did every thing to keep her well. Eventually, i lost her too. She died in my arms actually. I cried dogs and cats that day. You are right, there is always that space that would belong to our beloved pets. I am pretty sure chloes' puppies would be there for you as a good companion, just as their mother was.

    take care