Saturday, May 2, 2009


Last April 25, my mom, sisters (Luanne and Monica), and niece (Heaven, went to Tagaytay to attend our cousin's (Pet & Yas) wedding. The wedding was so really beautiful, the reception was done in Sonya's Garden or should I say secret garden because it was far from the main road. The garden was really wonderful, it's seem like you are transported to a different place the moment you pass the main entrance. The place was really perfect for weddings and debut, or for just escaping from one's busy life and retreating to a place magical.
What fascinated me (and made me really hungry) was the food they served. The food was not only good but healthy as well. Most of it served came directly from the garden. It was the first wedding reception that I attended without me having to watch the calories I take in. I kept on asking the waiter what's the name of the dish they were serving.
The first serving was like a create-your-own-salad (fresh lettuce and other greens that you can top with fruits, veggies and their very own Secret Dressing), next came the freshly baked wheat bread that you can top with basil pesto (yummy), white cheese, anchovies, bruschetta tomato toppings. mushroom pate, black olive tapinade and fresh green peppercorn in olive oil (this on I don't like at all). Then came the pasta with two kinds of sauces (sun dried tomato and chicken cream with mango), and toppings (ratatouille, salmon belly, shitake mushrooms, black olives, capers and grated parmesan cheese, pepperoncini) and Roasted Chicken with herbs. I give 2 thumbs up for the chicken cream with mango. Lastly came the best part, Dessert. They served us Taragon Tea & Chocolate Cake that's so delicious I wanted to grab my sisters serving as well. All through out the meal we had Dalandan juice with mint leaves. It was really something out of the ordinary.
Sonya's Garden also offers Bed $ Breakfast. We were supposed to reserve a room but It was already fully booked. I was really looking forward to the free cooking lesson (with herbs) that they offer. Well, there's always next time.......

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